AliveGR Greek KODI Addon LIVE GREEK TV TVShows Series

AliveGR Greek KODI Addon LIVE GREEK TV TVShows Series.

I stumbled across AliveGR when Hellenic TV went down, years ago.

Been a μετανάστης in a far far away country, this addon on KODI is absolutely magic for us.

The μετανάστες, we appreciate this addon on kodi,as it is up to date with all the

Greek TV shows and series, that the Greek TV has to offer.



Recently with the fusion changes, the addon was not functional if you were to do

a fresh install,and i had a lot of people in my YouTube channel asking for

alternative way to install this Addon without going thru the Fusion repository.


hellenic tv


Decided to create a video in my channel  on how to install it without having the Fusion Repository.

There is a direct  repository link that you can install it

here it is




I created a video on YouTube, on how to install it, step by step which was created a month ago.

Let me tell you, it is a relief putting Greek movies for the oldies to watch, they occupy themselves by

watching their favorite Greek movies  to remind them their young days,but also good to catch up on


to soi sou

Some NEW Greek shows for example

Το Σόι σου, Μην Αρχίζεις την μουρμούρα,

Μπρούσκο, κ.λπ.


Some OLD Greek Shows

Το Ρετιρέ, Κωνσταντίνου και Ελένης, Το καφέ της Χαρας,

Παρά Πέντε, Δύο Ξένοι, Πενήντα Πενήντα,


konstantinou kai elenis


Below you will find the YouTube Video i created on how to install AliveGR, step by

step tutorial guide, its very easy set up if you have a general knowledge around

kodi. Do not feel intimidated if you just discovered kodi,


follow my instructions, if you have to, pause the video in should be set to enjoy this amazing Greek addon.




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