How I got Addicted to Paola Foka | Greek Singer

How I got Addicted to Paola Foka | Greek Singer.


It was around 4 years ago from my memory.

I stumbled across on YouTube her video called  Pseftika.

Paola Foka had a pure Greek voice that went really well

with Bouzouki and the violin, there is something about

these 2 instruments that speak to my soul.

Her raspy voice made the songs emotional

and she was so into it, as if she was living it…


Paola  Wikipedia 


Then i started watching more and more videos,

then the cd came out called “Meta Ta Mesanihta” 

which was live, and i can tell you one thing…..

i loved EVERY single song,especially the song called

Emeina Edo” By Stelios Rokkos, the emotions,

the goosebumps,The Greek in me, started coming back to life.

Some of her Cd Collection:



” Gine Mazi Mou Ena – 2012 ”   

” Live Meta Ta Mesanihta – 2013 ” 

” I Moni Alithia – 2013 “

” Krivo Alitia  – 2015 “

” Paola Live – 2017 ” 

Of course, prior to 2012 she made more cds

but these  are the cds i got to know her with.


In May 2017,she came to Australia, a month before my birthday,

which was the best PRE/AFTER  birthday present EVER and i got to

P. A. R. T. Y. that after the 3rd week i am still recovering……. no comment.

At the concert she sang amazing  songs about Ξενιτιά,

i must say considering she has been travelling for her tour,

she KILLED it and she took really small breaks,

it was WORTH so WORTH seen her LIVE.


While i was there, i recorded with my phone some footage,

which has been uploaded on my YouTube account.

We had a blast dancing and singing all night long.

She is absolutely WORTH it to go and watch her live.

Below you will find the video.

Thank you for Reading this!



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