How Do i Read Coffee Cups? Kafemanteia, Psychic Readings, in depth

Hello Everyone, this is Spinman.

Today i am going to talk about how do i read  coffee cups, Kafemanteia, Psychic Readings, in depth.




Thru my life, i can tell you i probably read in the thousands coffee cups, The secret is well… according to the feedback

thru my previous years, you got to have it.

I do believe EVERYONE has these abilities though. It is a matter of how open you are to spirituality,

and it is a matter if you belief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You cant read coffee cups if you are negative person, miserable and greedy,

TRUST ME on this I personally struggled in life, but however  you got to keep positive,

yes you are allowed to loose it here and there as this balances things out.


Psychic Readings


The main focus you need to concentrate when you are reading coffee cups is,

you need to empty your thoughts and feelings, yes its not easy,

but you have to do it in order to receive information.


How do i get the information?

Well, as i stated above you need to empty yourself, look into the cup,

keep on looking around til something draws your attention visually or emotionally….

Yes i read my coffee cups based on emotions majority of the times.

I have to warn you though, if you see  constant negativity,

ignore it and revisit that area of the coffee cup, later on,

and if it signals you again and  becomes stronger then it is true,

otherwise its probably your own thoughts. I do not follow patterns,

i am purely based on emotions. When i mean emotions, i mean the emotions of the coffee cup drinker,

i feed thru the coffee cup their emotions, and i have a habit on picking up physical issues,

as sometimes i can feel it on me, that’s how strong these emotions are to me.




The drinker has to flip the coffee cup in order to have the coffee spread thru out the whole coffee cup.

Here is a short video on how it is done


Coffee readings are draining, they are draining to me as i channel the emotions,

thus i don’t do too many on my website on a daily basis, you need to find the balance within yourself,

and not to exhaust yourself. This is very important.

The coffee cups are the mirror of the soul, wishes, actions,

heart desires and  physical.


Read Coffee Cups



So lets recap:

Coffee needs to be Greek or Turkish coffee type.
Turn the coffee cup properly ( Watch the video i have in here )
Let it dry for 5-10 minutes ( do not leave it for too long and do not try to read the coffee cup when there is runny coffee in the cup )
Empty your head
Empty your emotions
Be open to whatever comes
In case of confusing leave it and revisit later
In case of revisiting and still doesn’t make sense,
it  means your not clear or the drinker isn’t clear
as to what they want, therefore they are confused.
Bottom of the cup is their heart.
Past Present and future is up to you how you going to determine this one.
Do not read another coffee cup after a while, as you will be drained this is not good for you.

Psychic Readings


 I hope you learned something new today and you need to remember, practice makes perfection.

Please leave your comments on how you went below this post.


You can send me your own coffee cup,

by taking 5 good clear quality shots, different angles

at  [email protected]

and you will receive an email with the post attached to it or a YouTube video.



I would also like to address not to send me emails as to why i haven’t done it yet,

and when i am going to do it, as you can imagine i am getting lots of emails on a daily basis, and i have no time to reply.

Any question, concern or comment  would be appreciated if it is posted under the coffee cup articles.



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