The Sleep Paralysis Demon Mora, and how to Conquer it!

The Sleep Paralysis Demon Mora, and how to Conquer it!

I decided to write another blog regarding some paranormal activity that’s was happening to me years ago,

The Sleep Paralysis Demon Mora, and how to Conquer it!


The Sleep Paralysis Demon


Do you ever wonder how these people died in their sleep?

well they were healthy and young, some were old and some were young. The cause of death? Heart Attack.

The name of this creature comes from the Greek word Mora, Vrahnas or Varypnas in English we call it,The Night Hag.

This is the most terrifying experience  it ever happened to me, to the point i couldn’t sleep for 3 days because i was shit scared and i mean it.


paralysis demon


It almost felt like  i was watching a movie with Freddy Krueger,

only the star this time, was me.

This creature will come at you when you are emotional vulnerable, it will attack you when you are at

your weakest and it doesn’t have mercy, no boundaries it will take what it wants, which is your life,

it will attack you in the most sneaky way.

The most vicious attack i ever had, and that was the last one for me, years ago, i was sleeping, and

i usually sleep under the covers facing up.

Somehow i felt those sensual hands comes from my legs in a slow motion towards my chest.

once it reached my waist, the creature developed nails,

and i mean NAILS, to the point they started to hurt me and that is when i woke up.


how to win sleep paralysis


I woke up from the pain in my body, and to that point i lost my voice, i felt like crying for help i thought

no one could help me, i couldn’t move any part of my body, and i was right awake.

No matter what i tried to do it didn’t work for me.


Sleep Paralysis Demon


I thought to myself this is it, this is how i am going to die.

Once i realized this thing is coming to get my life and there is no one that can save me,

i found the strength to say a prayer and i wished to vanished and go to hell.

Meanwhile i was saying a prayer, i could miraculously move my hands,

took my hands out of the doona covers and  grabbed its head,

( it was a skeleton body of a dog of some sort with thick hair and bones, i could feel everything and got really put off by the feel)

With a powerful force out of nowhere, i pushed it away from me before i could stop breathing, and it disappeared.


sleep paralysis experiences


I was crying, because felt a huge weight was lifted off my chest,

as this thing was so heavy,

and  was scared to go to sleep after that for  few days.

What i did the next day,got sage, and saged my whole house.

Its been 7 years since i had the last Sleep Paralysis.

This is how i beat The Demon Mora.


demon sleep paralysis

A. Fight for your life, Don’t think its a dream.

B. Find the strength to say a pray.

C. Push it away from you.

D. Sage your house.

I hope my experience will help someone out there to beat this demon like i have,

or at least save a life!


NOTE:Wikipedia has it wrong in the actual name of the

demon in the Greek terminology its actually

called ” MOIRA” and not “MORA” where moira in Greek mean destiny, fate.



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