Are you Spiritual? Thru the eyes of my personal experience.

Are you Spiritual? Thru the eyes of my personal experience.


This is my first ever blog on spirituality. Turning 43 this year and i come a long way to be where i am at today.

There are so many occurrences in my life but i dont know where to begin and where to finish.

Maybe i feel like this, because spirituality is an ongoing trip in this world and onto the next.

It all started from before i was born, somehow i have an image from a kid even before i was conceived, that it was dark around me,

having white floating shiny orbs moving, like our universe if i was to give you precise description.

As a kid i had the instinct that there was something weird happening, for example it all started with my dreams,

there was one dream i will remember for the rest of my life.





My mum’s uncle who in reality was alive,
we were going to his funeral in my dream, we buried him,
and out of nowhere a black dog, went to his grave and started digging
his grave, and he took out his bones, we just buried him…….
when i woke up from that horrible dream, as a kid i started crying,
went and told my mum about my dream,
she of course tried to calm me down saying it was just a dream.
Went to school the same day,
came back and my mum told me with a shocked face and crying that
she received a phone call today from my uncles wife that he passed away.
I can tell you i was crying even more, but also i was scared,
because the nightmare i had the night before came to reality the next day.




I started having other dreams, maybe more insignificant, but it doesn’t matter if

the dream is insignificant or not, what counts at the end of the day, what i was seeing in my dreams it was coming to life.

There were many other “coincidences” which i dont believe in them, because these are NOT “coincidences”,

these are SIGNS that something greater, unexplained has occurred, and the occurrence is NOT a coincidence,

its meant to happen for a reason, and that reason your not suppose to find out right away, it could take you a lifetime to find out the meaning,

BUT at the end of the day it will all fall in place.


Are you Spiritual


Thru out my growing up, i started seeing orbs moving around, energy floating around me as if

someone just walked right next to me and there was no one there,

at night i felt a hand patting my hair and i woke up thinking it was dad,

but there was no one in the room, a crystal thick ashtray breaking into half on its own on top of the table while not been exposed to any heat or cold while it was empty of cigarettes.

Too many coincidences? NO

It goes deeper…..


are you spiritual


My friend’s brother at the age of 18, he got drowned and lost his life.

We were all devastated, shocked,some of my friends didn’t take it very well

and locked themselves in the garage by themselves crying.

we went to the funeral, we mourned, and as usual life went on,

without realizing that there is something more higher out there.


are you born with spiritual gifts


After a year has passed from his passing,i was getting ready to go to bed,

so i started walking to my room,

here is where the weird things started happening to me,

you know the feeling

when someone is starring at you behind you without you seeing them?

well i felt that, and the feeling was getting stronger the more i ignored it,

to the point where i had to turn around,

and i saw him standing there, looking at me,

wearing a grey cape his Adidas shoes white top and faded blue jeans……..

From that moment, been awake and starring at him,

it was daylight, my pillow was wet,

apparently i was crying all night in my sleep,

and i felt really weird, thinking what happened here? am i loosing the plot.


are you spiritually awake


Your probably gonna laugh right here but i did think that, til the moment i realized

that the day i saw him it was the exact same day he passed away,

and to be honest with you, i didn’t visit his grave after his passing.

Was not easy for a lot of us, and it was a visit from him saying,

you didn’t come to see me all this time, i am not dead, i am still here.


spiritual meaning



Now how do you tell his brother what i experienced? people gonna think ok, he lost it….

til one day i grabbed him on the side,

this is after months i had this experience, and told him about it.

He was crying but at the same time he felt good, until i told him what he was

wearing, he was shocked and with a lost voice said to me,

these were the clothes he was wearing the day he got drowned.

did i need to pursue myself more that hey, something is happening here??


signs you are spiritual


Answer is YES.We all are skeptics,

some tend to be more than others, the more skeptic you are and you analyse it within yourself the longer the process

will take for you to understand that what you feel is normal, what you feel is OK.

Its OK to feel insecure, paranoid, loosing control, because at the end of the day it will either make you stronger,

if you think positive or take the downhill if you follow and observe negativity.



These were the most believable experiences that happened to me, meanwhile i had premonitions,

started looking else where, with tarot cards, reading coffee cups to friends, i loved seeing their reactions….haha

So i am here today, 43, went thru depression, thru bad luck,

but you know what? i feel better than i have ever been,

and no person with negative aura can effect me, cos i know i will get thru it eventually.

NEVER GIVE UP, believe in yourself, i deserve it, you deserve it everyone deserves it.

Started a channel in YouTube to begin with tech things, music and online gaming,

til my friends persuade me to start creating videos of what i love doing,

and this is coffee cup reading, tarot cards Vlog.


spiritual gifts


Personally I didn’t think its a great idea cos of all the negativity out there,

but this is our world today.

They planted the seed into my head and it started becoming a great idea.

Took the chance, after a while, Hey its a start,

i can only get better from now on, cos spirituality NEVER ends.

By closing this blog, if you ever had similar experiences like i did,

no, your not loosing the plot, no, your not going crazy,

your becoming something bigger and better that only time can tell. and trust me

when the time comes you will know about it.


Thank you for reading this!


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