The Chronicles of a Monkey named Jimmy.

The Chronicles of a Monkey named Jimmy.


I would like to share a story today, that existed 35 plus years ago.

His name was Jimmy,

My uncle bought him from Egypt.

We loved him so much, we used to treat him like a human being

and he used to love us so much.




on the above apartment, and use to climb on the ceiling lights,

curtains and made a mess. My uncle had to pay for the damages ( lol ).

We were forced to get him out of the city

and send him to my grandmother’s village,


thinking he will calm down and not be so cheeky.

WELL we thought Wrong…hahaha

Again he pick locked the lock, escape from the top of the roof

At this point i would like to remind you, in a small village the only animals

you could see were cats, dogs, and chickens,


so for them to see a monkey was like King Kong on top of a building.

People were running everywhere on the streets, fear for their lives.

In Greece, we have small kiosks were you can buy your junk food,

cigarettes, magazines and newspapers. The guy sitting inside

the kiosk, JUST fits to sit and sell all the goodies.

There is a small window for the transactions.




So lets picture this, you are the guy sitting inside the kiosk,

and out of nowhere

you see this hairy human, jump in front of you

grab all the chocolates, chewing gums and chips

and put them in his mouth and started to run away.


The whole family were running after him to catch him

as he made the whole village fear of him.

One day my uncle had enough and he sold him to a gypsy.

yes we cried our asses off…..

years went passed,

i was walking down the street in Greece and i saw a gypsy

with this big monkey chained,

forcing him to dance so he can make a living,

it then hit me…… i recognised him…..

it was Jimmy,

and the  thing is when he saw me…

he went for me, and jumped on me, hugged me and kissed.

He wouldn’t let go of me, i cried so much seeing him get treated like this.

Moral of the story is,

Those who love with no judgement, no matter what and who they are, 

They will Love You Forever.

This is Jimmy

This is Jimmy


Thank you for reading this.


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